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Home / Issues / № 6, 2018

Medical sciences

Pesotskaya E.N.
Abstract. This article show some aspects of crisis in medicine.Crisis caused by a complex of factors, transformation medicine into the instrument of the complete impact on  mankind at all levels of  its existence is basic. The problem of physiological disproportions is discussed by the method of an interdicipline analysis.The system formation meaning of processes of self-forming of a modern man is described, which are realised through changing his physiological status.

Keywords: medicine, society, health, disphyziological crisis; worlview; inner physiological world; ekzophyziological regulation.

The attention to a person in the modern society bound to the analysis of the composed parts of health: physical, somatic, mental, spiritual, moral; systematization of the factors influencing these components.Crisis caused by a complex of factors, transformation of medicine into the instrument of the complete impact on mankind at all levels of its existence is basic.Among others the civilizational factors - violation of ecology, spirituality, a healthy, lifestyle, change like the social organization[2, p.338], he takes the essential place [5, p.5].The created technosphere conflicted to the world of the environmental nature and the nature of the person, today it is not able to coexist with the biosphere harmoniously. At the heart of crisis of medicine there is a crisis of a comprehension of a universal, peace arrangement or crisis of philosophy [1; 3, p.107], a problem of methodological character.Overcoming systemic crisis of a civilization, survival of mankind and maintaining his health, becomes a problem of formation of a new noosphere and sustainable social development. The medicine blocks mechanisms of natural selection. The person more becomes the carrier of diseases at their extreme variety[2, p.16].Overseeing demonstrates the last decades increase in genetic freight. Increase in a variety of genes in "turn"of human population, decrease in their qualitative properties stimulates biological variability with influences of ecologically adverse factors. Stimulation of processes of variability in the conditions of restriction of selection continues. The approximation of genetic crisis raises on the agenda a complex of philosophical questions of an ethical order, the bound to intervention in mechanisms of evolution of a person. In development of a civilization of people more and more creates himself. It concerns the increasing quantity the morfofunctional manifestations of activity. Processes of self-creation can be divided into the arbitrariest and involuntary. Already primitive person felt dissatisfaction with characteristic nature which is God-given which he began to change actively and targeted. Self-creation reflects the need  "to differ", presented in all spheres of human activity, and acting as one of the main factors of the specific characteristic of the person. Processes involuntary "self-creation" of the person happen suddenly owing to influence of factors of a civilization and medicine of century. Processes of involuntary "self-creation are implemented through change of the physiological and genetic status of the person and have steady character"[5, p.8]. Process of "self-creation" is contradictory. In the developed countries where it is most active, life expectancy increases, but it occurs at the same time and parallel to deterioration in health of population. Duration of "natural"life at the same time decreases in each subsequent generation, despite more and more hothouse conditions. In the "natural" environment "the modern person" as the look would hardly have chances of survival. In the course of self-creation of people becomes less fullfilment, it depends on a surrounding medium. Self-poor are mechanisms of a regulation of the internal environment of an organism, its physiological functions that has visible connection with development of                a technotronic civilization[5, p.7-8]. In process of development of a civilization mechanisms of a regulation of physiological functions become less self-contained. The dependence is shown in body height of quantity of the diseases developing owing to the broken regulation of various functions. Mechanisms of physiological regulation are more shifted to exogenetic(extra organismal institutes).The medicine undertakes care of a regulation of tens of biochemical and other parameters, not only at patients, but also in the course of maintaining health of populations.The person becomes more civilized, the less he is capable to resist to difficulties, especially he needs protecting the organism by means of medicines and other simulated tools. The medicine became the external physiological mechanism of existence of the person as species. At development of a civilization and the virtual circle of people loses itself in the inner physiological world as the virtual reality as the developing object of knowledge changes personal attitude and social aspects of life.

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Pesotskaya E.N. THE ASPECTS OF CRISIS IN THE MODERN MEDICINE. International Journal Of Applied And Fundamental Research. – 2018. – № 6 –
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