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Home / Issues / № 6, 2018

Medical sciences

Evstropov V.M., Trushkova E.A., Volokhov I.V., Egorova Yu.N.

Modern scientific and technical progress contributes to the formation of a new ecological environment with a high concentration of sociogenic factors (noise, vibration, acoustic effects, energy pollution, etc. [1]. In conditions of acoustic discomfort (levels above 40 dBA) 1/3 of the urban population lives - 35 million people. It is also known that in recent years, the structure of occupational morbidity has changed significantly: the sensorineural hearing loss caused by exposure to noise has begun to occupy the first place among all professional x diseases [2].

Prolonged exposure to noise exceeding the maximum permissible level leads to the development of occupational diseases of the organ of hearing - bilateral sensorineural hearing loss [3]. The highest levels of noise deafness are recorded at the enterprises of the coal, mining, metallurgical industry, mechanical engineering, aviation, and railway transport, where the most adverse working conditions are noted [4].

As a result of exposure to high-intensity noise, changes occur in the cardiovascular, neuroendocrine, and immune systems (a decrease in anti-infective immunity, the creation of favorable conditions for the development of auto-immune and allergic processes, a reduction in antitumor immunity). In the blood and lymph, lymph, a significant change in the structure and self-organization of their elements is found in healthy people after a short-term exposure to low-frequency broadband noise (up to 25 Hz) with an intensity of more than 110 dB [5].

Protection against noise is provided by the development of noise-safe equipment, the use of means and methods of collective protection, including building-acoustic, the use of personal protective equipment.

Vibration refers to factors with high biological activity. With prolonged exposure to vibration on the human body, a vibration disease (occupational disease) occurs, with pathological changes in the joints of the limbs and other organs and tissues of the body. To protect people from vibration, use vibration isolation, balancing, damping oscillations and fixing the oscillatory system at a fixed point of support [6]. In general, technical preventive measures are reduced to reducing the vibration directly at the source of its formation, reducing the vibration along the path of its propagation, and combating the associated adverse environmental factors (statical overvoltage, local cooling) [7].

New patent and research (patentologic) approaches can optimize the development of noise and vibration protection [8]. They are applicable in the development of new production technologies [9], in the implementation of engineering developments [10], as well as in the study and solution of practical problems of technospheric safety [11].

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