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Medical sciences

Evstropov V.M.
Medical rehabilitation includes rehabilitation medicine - drug therapy and non-drug physical rehabilitation [1].

Physical rehabilitation is divided into active and passive (physical therapy, balneotherapy, etc.) [2]. In rehabilitation medicine, an important role is played by spa treatment and physiotherapy [3], which studies the effect on the human body of natural (natural) and preformed physical factors that can be used to correct immune system dysfunctions and treat various diseases. At the same time, great importance is attached to the development and development of rehabilitation medicine to the success of physiology, biochemistry, immunology, biomechanics, and other related and exact sciences in the development of advanced methods for preclinical diagnosis and correction of the human functional state.

According to G.N. Ponomarenko [4], physiotherapeutic methods are conventionally divided into: organ-specific, stopping the prevailing disease syndromes, including immune dysfunction and organ-specific - methods of influence mainly on the hematopoietic system, nervous system, skin, etc.  

In this aspect, of interest are studies within the framework of physicotherapeutic immunology, revealing immunocorrective possibilities and mechanisms of local influence of preformed physical factors on functionally active zones of immunological significance. While these studies are mainly experimental. In particular, it was found that the impact of decimeter waves on the spinal zone (adrenal gland, lymph nodes and spleen) causes a delay in the development of adjuvant arthritis and a decrease in the titer of antistaphylococcal antibodies, which is regarded by the authors as an immunosuppressive effect [5]. Local irradiation with decimeter waves of the thyroid gland and the adrenal glands in rabbits modulates the primary and secondary response to sheep erythrocytes [6]. The immunorehabilitation effect of irradiation with decimeter waves of the thyroid gland during immunosuppression caused by actinomycin D, colchicine and 5-fluorouracil is also known [7].

Promising from our point of view is the study of the impact of preformed physical factors on the central organs of the immune system. It is known that the action of microwaves on the central organs of the immune system causes a phase-dependent reaction in the immune organism [8, 9], and in the lymphoid tissue of an intact organism - the redistribution of immunocompetent cells [10]. In the physiological aspect, different reactivity of the thymus and bone marrow has been characterized by local exposure to decimeter waves [11].

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