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Каshaev R.S.-H.

Acute kidney injury (AKI) is one of the popular topics of discussions for early detection of AKI using spectroscopy parameters, which can predict subsequent development of intrinsic AKI, dialysis requirement, duration of intensive care and finally affect mortality. Chertow noticed that a rise in serum creatinine (SCr) of just ≥ 0.3 mg/dl had a four-fold higher multivariable-adjusted risk of death [1]. The AKI Network group modified the AKI definition based on RIFLE classification [2] classified the patients with the change in SCr ≥ 0.3 mg/dl (≥ 26.4 μmol/l) within 48 hours.

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), especially MR-tomography (MRT) has become a familiar term in medical community due to its advance and powerfulness. But there exists hesitations to examine by MRT high risk patients under sedation or anaestesia and stroke because of strong magnet fields. Medical ordinary clinics need cheap devices for early identification and determination of disease stages by blood physchemical parameters control. It can be done using NMR-parameters dependences [3]. We constructed portable, autonomous (from accumulator or grid) low field NMR-relaxometer with data processing from Notebook. Consumed power P < 15 VA. Mass< 15 кg. Error of ± 4% [4]. Time of measurement – less 2 minutes. Obtained NMR-parameters dependences of corrected Т2А/Alb for albumen weight are presented at fig. 1 and 2.


Fig. 1. Dependence of Urea from Т2А/Alb


Fig. 2.Creatinine from Т2А/Alb

Received dependences can be approximated with 95% confidence interval by relations:

U= 38.1 – 0.016 ×Т2А/Alb and C = 1.61 exp(-Т2А/1257×Alb) (1)

Standard deviation for urea and creatinine are 2.2 and 0.16 (±7.3% and ±14.6%).

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Bibliographic reference

Каshaev R.S.-H. NMR-RELAXOMETER FOR DIAGNOSIS OF CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE PATIENTS PARAMETERS. International Journal Of Applied And Fundamental Research. – 2016. – № 2 –
URL: www.science-sd.com/464-25146 (22.05.2024).