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Home / Issues / № 2, 2016

Sociological Science

Reproduction of rural life
Kurnosov Vasiliy, Vasiljev Yaroslav

One of the problems of rural life of the Novgorod region is the aging of the population and the disappearance of villages. Available from the territory in which could live and feed on people.

Competition allows to reduce by several times the number of manufacturing products among consumers. The tremendous growth of consumers - this is an objective law of market economy. The market economy does not suffer low rates of consumption. Production is carried out for the sake of growing consumption.

Consumption is possible only in those areas where the population has the money. Money can not be where there is no production. Where no marketing moves will not help.

It is in the process of peasantry and in general the concentration of population in large cities. Consumption increases with increasing incomes.

The question arises, if at all possible active market relations areas?

The answer is negative. Production in some areas is unprofitable because of the high transport costs. These areas are doomed to be raw, as it were, an internal colony of the big cities.

Relationship between metropole and colony in the world, with the exception of Saudi Arabia, terrible. Colonies acquire the status quo hopeless debtor to the metropolis, where the social conditions of life on orders lower than in the metropolis.

In the West, consumption growth problem was solved just "high wage - high consumption". Again this is made possible by the exploitation of the third world countries, including Russia.

But the situation is not so hopeless. Yes, we can agree with the scientists  P. Nikiforov and K. Laricheva that "The social situation in rural areas is negative. In rural areas there are more than 40% of Russia's poor. There is a constant decrease in the number of people employed in agriculture. The social situation in rural areas is more complex than in the city, the salary is about 50% of the national average. The poverty in rural areas is 1.6 times higher than in the city. The share of income of the villagers in two or more times below the subsistence minimum, ie. E. Those living in poverty, almost three times more than in the city. Total rural unemployment is at a level of 18%" [4].

But we can not agree with these authors that there is only an opportunity to engage ohotovodstvom and fishing. Please note that the provision of own financial resources areas remains at 15-20 per cent, and the rest of the transfers from the regional and federal budgets. Without state support, at least through preferential taxation, any initiative is doomed.

A lot is done in the Novgorod region for the development of agriculture in the development of RF Government on July 15, 2013 N 598 "On the federal target program" Sustainable development of rural areas 2014-2017 and for the period till 2020 "[2].

Fine materials about the possibilities Marevskogo municipal district posted on the website of the Administration Maryovsky District. (Http://marevoadm.ru) These materials are able to generate interest not only for the organization of tourist routes, but also to choose these places for permanent residence to those who are disappointed by what reason-or, in urban life.

Former Soviet citizens were shocked deception and betrayal by the elite. Trying to replace communist ideology Christian values ​​failed. Because medieval, frozen in time, the rituals and texts clearly do not meet modern requirements.

Disappointment in Christian values ​​inevitably raises the question of finding the meaning of life in communion with nature.

Western culture has grown up person at individualization. Do not even culture itself, the consumer society has given rise to individuals who surround themselves with things and all they need to communicate with pets. Extreme rationalism throughout. In Russia, there is something similar in the ways of rapprochement with the West. People were satisfied with communication with computer virtual friends and virtual sex partners. The impasse in the direction of human development is evident in the example of Japan, which occupies a leading position in the number of suicides.

The third factor is generated by modern agricultural technology. Once upon a time, watching the fields of Germany with fat ears of corn, I admired their ability to run the economy as well. But now that these technologies have come on the field in Russia, begins to creep fear of losing health when consumed foods grown using modern agricultural methods. These agricultural methods based on the use of pesticides on weeding. Several times during the season. In accordance with the law treatment substances in nature we inevitably arrive on the table, along with the products vital synthetic poisons.

There remains the possibility to involve in the empty village of urban residents based on environmental attractiveness of life in the natural environment. And above all, educated and highly spiritual people.

In this direction, in a society mature social movements, supported by the Government of Russia.

Thus, the Russian Government under the Environmental Doctrine of the Russian Federation supported the movement to establish ancestral homes. The authors point out the doctrine of "Modern ecological crisis threatens the possibility of sustainable development of human civilization. Further degradation of natural systems leads to destabilization of the biosphere, the loss of its integrity and ability to maintain the quality of the environment necessary for life. Overcoming the crisis is possible only on the basis of the formation of a new type of relationship between man and nature, exclude the possibility of the destruction and degradation of the natural environment. " [3]

Empowerment project public land at a rate of one (1) hectare for the construction of "ancestral homes" has been developed thanks to an idea that was born in the books V.Megre series "Anastasiya.Zvenyaschie cedars" .In some regions, particularly in the Belgorod region this project is supported by Administration of the region, in particular, issued a number of regulations. Law of the Belgorod region, the following areas of activity of participants of the manor farms:

"- the revival (including the reconstruction of the former, including the partially preserved) ancestral estates and tribal communities;

- the introduction of environmentally-friendly farming techniques;

- the production of ecologically clean agricultural products and its processing;

- promoting environmental improvement and rational use of natural resources;

-participation through the dissemination of environmental knowledge in the formation of ecological culture in society;

-promotion of the historical, spiritual and cultural heritage of the peoples of the Russian Federation and their traditions,

- the preservation and development of folk arts and crafts;

- promote the development of cultural tourism in the countryside;

- participation in creation of conditions for expansion of recreation and service infrastructures in the historical and cultural areas of municipalities "[1] This area corresponds to the content of environmental doctrine, adopted in Russia.

Creating the conditions for the ancestral homes to residents of St. Petersburg and Moscow would in some way to solve the problems recorded in the strategic development of problem areas with rich vegetation and excellent environment. Districts need to include this line as an innovative and breakthrough in their development strategies. The concept of ancestral homes combined selfishness of Western individualism and collectivism Russian messianic spirit.

Promoting the inclusion of the above-mentioned movements and the Novgorod region in the data enable social movements to stop the exodus of people from rural areas of the region.

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