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Home / Issues / № 2, 2016


Quantitative and qualitative indicators of economic growth as the basis for the economic security of the region
Lebedeva G.V.
Economic growth, its past, present and future, are one of the most important topics in the discussions of politicians and scientists. This is a problem because the intense economic growth is the basis for improving the welfare of the population and the condition for reducing the income differentiation, as well as the foundation of economic security.

In modern world, economic growth is not the only indicator of economic development of a country or a particular region, but economic growth is a consequence of sustainable human and social development. Therefore, a comprehensive analysis of the economic growth to identify the factors most influencing on it, identification of opportunities to increase economic growth. Analysis of economic growth, its factors and indicators, that contribute to the development of effective social and economic policy.

The problem of economic growth and economic security remains one of the most important for the Novgorod region. Currently Novgorod region ranks 7th in the Northwest Federal District on the fertility rate, 9th place - at a rate of mortality, 3rd place - on the growth rate of real money incomes of the population, 5th place - on the growth rate of real gross wages and salaries, 4th place - Commissioning residential buildings in the 1000 population, 3rd place - density automotive expensive public paved, 2nd place - the index of investments in fixed capital [1].

According Novgorodstat, compared with the year 2014 in the Novgorod region saw an increase in the volume of production of industrial and agricultural products, construction works and housing construction, wholesale trade turnover. However, the decreased turnover of road transport and passenger public transport, the retail trade turnover, catering, paid services to the population, reduced real wages of workers. Raised levels of unemployment and crime.

The industrial production index in the Novgorod region amounted to 102.5% in 2015 relative to 2014, which is lower than the previous year. By December 2012 the industrial production index was 102.9 percent.

In 2015, in comparison with the year 2014 marked the production growth of skin, leather products and footwear (by 2.3 times), manufacture of electrical and optical equipment (19.9%), manufacture of transport equipment (by 15.2%), manufacture of rubber and plastic products (by 13.3%), textile and clothing manufacturing (8.7%), pulp and paper, publishing and printing (4.5%), wood processing and manufacturing of products wood (3.7%).

At the same time the level of 2014 volumes in metallurgy and production of finished metal goods decreased by 27.5%, manufacture of machinery and equipment - by 13.6%, chemical industry - by 8.5%, manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products - by 1.1%, manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco and in other manufacturing (by 0.4%).

 Index of Production of products of the agricultural economy, all farmers (agricultural organization, peasant (farmer) farms and individual entrepreneurs, private households) amounted in 2014 to 114.8% in 2015, higher than the previous year.

The standard of living changes take place due to negative labor market trends. According to the Department of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the Novgorod region at the end of December 2015, the state employment service institutions were registered 4.7 thousand. People do not use activity, which is 23.1% more than at the end of December, 2014. The number of officially registered unemployed amounted to 4.3 thousand people (at the end of December 2014 - 3.4 thousand people) or 1.3% of the economically active population (1%) [2].

The difficult situation on the labor market of the Novgorod region is caused by the above indicators of reduction of production volumes in a number of industries. Negative trends are compounded by adverse demographic situation.

Thus, economic and social indicators of development of the Novgorod region show the need for an active social and economic policy aimed at increasing economic growth and improving its stability in order to ensure the economic security of the region.

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