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Home / Issues / № 2, 2011

Bakunova E.V.
At present, the large - scale researches conducting on the population psychological health challenge in our country is, ever more, the most actual one. The people existence conditions quick and the sharp changes are being undergone, because of the already developed social and the economic crisis. So, the unemployment is being grown up; the social mentality, the way of the human life, and the nourishment character are being changed. Practically, it quite possible to be observed the mass culture shock manifestation, as literally, the all our population, as soon as possible, has already been removed from the usual environment just into the new, the quite different, the unknown and also the anxious one, not having had the clear - cut landmarks medium.

That psychological phenomenon, which is being meant in the literature, as the identity crisis is being acted at the population considerable part in the contemporary period by our society changes under the survived conditions: «... this kind of notion is meant oneself feeling loss, the impossibility (or the difficulty) to be accommodated themselves to their own role in the already changed society. The identity crisis is being defined by the break - off between the constantly changing social and the economic relations demands and also the quite explainable rigidity of the personal attitudes, and the human behavior and the conduct stereotypes under our to - day´s social conditions».

So, the unfavorable changes in the psychological health presentation have been registered the following ones, for the most part, in the contemporary period of the time.

Firstly, the considerable number growth of the neuropsychic diseases is being taken their place, and, first of all, those, that are the most character and the most typical reaction for the psychological stress. These are, in the first place, the neuroses, the post - traumatic stress disorder (or the combat fatigue), the psychosomatic disorders, the character and the pathocharacter reactions, and also the reactive (or the psychogenic) psychoses, the pathocharacter development, the personality´s deprivation development.

Secondly, the negative socio - cultural and the other, having considered here, factors are being resulted in the more frequent exacerbation, the unfavorable course of those mental and the psychical diseases, the main cause of which is, for example, the hereditary predisposition to (e.g. the schizophrenia, the manic - depressive psychosis, the epilepsy and the others). At present, the hardships and the difficulties are being appeared, let us say, with the medicinal provision of the number of the mentally and the psychically patients´ categories (e.g. overwhelming majority from them are living not too wealthily) and also with the arrangements realization on the social rehabilitation, and the psychocorrection.

And the third effect, having registered in the population psychological health presentation, is being consisted in the unhealthy worries and the anxieties content alteration and the further modification.

So, the main human activity, as the complex living system, is being regulated at the different and the various levels, which are being interconnected between each other. That is why, in this connection, the most general levels, which are the following: the biological, the psychological, and the social ones are being singled out. At the every level, which has been marked out just now by us, the human health has its own peculiarities and the specific determinants. At present, let us draw our attention from the human health peculiarities and the specific features, having connected with the biological malfunctions or the time - zone diseases, as the medicine eparchy - is here. Though, we have already above - marked, many diseases, having had the biological basis, never the less, are being connected with the mental stress and the psychical intensity, the anxiety, the stresses and etc. (for example, the ischemic heart disease, the gastric ulcer, and the other psychosomatic disturbances). Let us pay our special attention to the psychological health analysis.

For many years, the human psychological health has been considered only in the framework of the medical science - the psychiatry and the neuropathology, which have considered, and they are continued to be considered them, as «the spiritual applications» to the corporal breakdowns, or as the world´s imperfection consequence.

As it is well - known, the quite another approach commence to the psychological health comprehension had been laid by Z. Freud, who comprehended many mental disorders and the psychical disturbances, as the intrapersonal conflicts consequence, which are worried even the healthy people. He, moreover, has supposed, that the whole spectrum of the negative emotional worries and the anxieties (e.g. the depression, the anxiety and etc.) - is these conflicts subjective side, having appeared at the targets mis-coordination, which the man is put just before himself, and their achievement means.

Thus, the consequence of this, in the last decades, the human psychological health has been become the research and the study subject, and also the other sciences on the man and the society, and, first of all, the psychology. So, the human psychological health is being connected with the personality´s peculiarities and the specific features, having integrated all the aspects of the human internal world, and they are quite able to be united his external manifestations into the comprehensive whole.

Thus, the psychological health is the significant component and the constituent part of the human social self - feeling, on the one hand, and all his living and the vital forces, on the other hand. At the same time, many challenges, having appeared at the man, are not quite mental poor health and the psychical indisposition index, and they are quite able to be decided by the other, the non - medical way (e.g. the memory, attention, and the thinking improvement; the communication necessary level formation; the self - presentations; the tendency and the intension to all his possibilities realization; the intrapersonal and the interpersonal conflicts solution; the release from the worries and the anxieties, from the stresses, from the frustrations, from the mental and the psychical dependences of the different types and the others).

At the same time, we suppose, that the psychological health is being determined by the balance peculiarities and the specific features, the human living and the vital forces harmony (e.g. in the individual and the social subjectivity indices) and also the living space originality.

Such kind of approach is being resulted in the quite different psychological health criteria. It is being provided the personality choice and the autonomous development possibility, just from all these positions. The following aspects are being related to its mechanisms: the self - knowledge, the ability to the solutions acceptance in the future direction, the readiness for the changes and the possibilities the alternatives to be singled out, the tendencies, to research and to use their own resources efficiency, to bear the responsibility for the performed choice and etc. On the subject of this, V. Frankle wrote, that, if the man wants to come to himself, his way is laid through the world.

So, the psychical equilibrium phenomenon is one more psychological health criterion among its evidence numerous indications. It is being included in the personality different and the various spheres interaction harmony - the emotional, the volitional, and the informative, the educational, and the cognitive ones. Its disturbances and the disorders are being resulted in the personality degradations, in the destructions, in the social and the personal deadaptation and the maladjustment. Exactly, the psychical equilibrium phenomenon is being connected with and the personality integral development, his or her adaptive possibilities and the qualities, their reactions adequacy upon the external influences. The phenomenon, having considered by us, is being considerably defined by the integration processes specific character just in the personality structure. Thus, it is being considered, that the psychological health is quite able to be corresponded to and the diverse and the various events integration level of his or her life, his or her subjective experience and the world pictures, having formed personally and the general social systems number, in which the man is being included in. A.G. Asmolov has named it by his or her personality building - meaningfulness; V.A. Petrovsky - by the convergence in the reflected subjectivity structure; G.S. Abramova - by the living consciousness; F.E. Vasilyuk - by the over - situational meaningfulness. The psychological health disorders and the disturbances are not always being defined by the mental and the psychical disease, and they are being connected not only with the human organism change, but and with the personality development conditions absence, his or her inclusion into the society social structure.

The human psychological and the social health differentiation is rather conditionally, as the personality qualities and the characteristics are being developed just only in the socium, in the society, in which he or she has been included. So, it is quite possible all these personality peculiarities and the special features to be described through the individual and the social subjectivity manifestations. So, we would remind you, that the personality analysis, as the individual, well as the social subjectivity is quite be able to be given more fully his or her characteristic for his or her psychological health.

All the above - mentioned material is quite allowed to be considered the psychological health, as the individual ability measure to support, to realize, and to develop the individual and the social subjectivity just in the constantly changing world, and also the social health, as the active and the autonomous living and the vital forces maintenance and the development measure by the personal and the social subjects at the constantly changing living space, as the personal perception peculiarities and the special features and the social inter-eventful relations acceptance aggregate.

All the above - mentioned scientific facts and the thoughts peculiarities and the special features of the separate scientists and the scholars have already become the material basis, that the presentations on the psychological health multi - levelness are being developed in the contemporary psychology. So, the data are the approach such basis on the fact, that the psychological health top level is being connected with the adequate personality production of the meaning orientations, the life general meaning, the life strategies, the relations to the others, to himself or herself definition - and this is being had the regulating influence upon the underlying levels. In the similar way, the comprehended psychological health is being supposed the quite different and the various levels complex interactions presence, and it, moreover, is not able to be defined through the following: «balance», «compensation», «stability», and «adaptation» notions. So, the «positive psychological health» conception is being connected with the activity peculiarities and the specific features, and also with the personality development. This kind of the approach is being resulted in the psychological health criteria definition, having characterized, to an even greater degree, the process itself, than the state. Then, the psychological health disorders and the disturbances are not always connected with the mental and the psychical disease, during which the adaptive function is being disturbed, but, for all this, the personality development is not being stopped. Thus, the above - indicated approach just to the psychological health is being declared it not as the conflicts and the challenges absence, but as the personality self - regulation mechanisms maturity, the safety, and the activity, having provided the necessary full - valued and the human functioning.

The work was submitted to the international Scientific Conference «Fundamental research», Israel, Tel Aviv, 10-17 April, 2010, came to the editorial office on 23.03.2010.

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