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Home / Issues / № 3, 2017

Historical science

Vasilev Y.A.
In the second half of XIX - early XX centuries in Novgorod province was represented by almost all types of banking institutions - state and municipal, but some city of the Novgorod province was not able to establish their own banks.

In Belozersk the group of public figures made up a project to create a local commercial Bank. Belozersk was an important place of the Mariinsky canal system, and where annually held three to four thousand ships. Some cash payments for their services amounted to almost RUB 1 million, and cash is often not enough.

The project has received the approval of the government in 1870, but was rejected, as in the Novgorod province has operated four city Bank. In addition, there were banks in Kargopol, Tver, Vologda, Rybinsk. The Council of state spoke about the "...relatively unimportant commercial value of Belozersk, and ... the scarcity of funds collected by the founders"[1].

In the provincial town of Demyansk city Council, in 1875, adopted a resolution on instituting petitions on the basis of the city public Bank. The resolution had continued in the form of the petition of the Governor to the Ministry of internal Affairs, where he emphasized, "...that the establishment of a Bank in the city would affect the development of trade and industry, and, consequently, to increase city funding..."[2]. However, the own funds to open a Bank is not found and further progress is not received [3].

Zemstvo establishments of the Novgorod province in 1865-1870-ies has developed the project of the local Zemstvo land Bank, the government left unheeded [4].

In 1867 the question was raised about the structure of the state Bank of the Russian Zemstvo ("project of Ilman") - a Grand reorganization of the entire financial system of Russia based on the replacement of state credit cards Deposit tickets state Council [5]. At the same time was nominated unfeasible project combined Land offices land Bank of the Novgorod Zemstvo and the Society of mutual land-credit [6].

This was a project of unification of the property of the provincial institutions of St.-Petersburg, Novgorod, Tver and Moscow provinces to obtain for them a huge loan and create a new Bank [7]. There were other projects.

However, one reasonable project organizations of the Russian Zemstvo of the loan have not been established [8]. The Ministry of Finance believed that "...in such important state business the government should be a complete master" [9].

Hard government line is due to the fact that in the period 1870-1880 provincial credit institutions have experienced a serious crisis (including in the Novgorod province), many of them have closed. On the other hand, it became a reflection of the new, more stringent policy of the government of Alexander III, who succeeded the liberal reign of Alexander II.

The state Bank also did not seek to significantly expand its network of provincial institutions. In this regard, the proposal for the establishment in the provincial town of Staraya Russa resort temporary branch of the State Bank in 1914 was rejected.

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