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Dedyulina M.A.

Today in area of information technologies start to be in the lead "cloudy technologies ".They not only transforming the face of the information and communication technologies, but also radically altered activity of the society. Information for developing a new scope, namely services.

This idea was formulated in 60 years, J. McCarthy, but after forty years of service calculation has been supported by companies, Amazon, Apple, Google, HP, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle. The cloud is actually a model that enables the user in any time convenient to them to gain access to computer resources. For example, Apple with 2011 offers the opportunity to its users in the network cloud to store music, video, movies, and personal information.

The specificity of these technologies is that data processing takes place not on a personal computer and the Internet is served on special. The specificity of these technologies is that data processing is not on the desktop, and on special server the Internet. Developers in the field of computer simulation we can post programmatic complexes on network resources. If the user had to keep buying the product, now he's become the tenant of various services.

Cloud technology is the technical and social reality, and at the same time, it is a new technology. One can only guess how the infrastructure will be developed for this new paradigm and what applications will migrate to it.

Economic, social, ethical and legal implications of this change in technology, which users rely on the services provided by the centers of large amounts of data and store personal data and software on systems that they do not control are likely to be significant.

Some researchers believe that cloud computing is a market response to the systematic specialization and the strengthening of the role of outsourcing in the information technology, other that the active use of such technologies, said about the crisis of the technocratic model of human development. At the same time we can say that global it company cloud technologies as the global collective intelligence. Anyway it seems that user via the Internet already connected to it.

In fact, it allows the marketing companies to analyze consumer behavior and to spend the personal advertising companies.

As with any new technology, this new way of working-new risks and challenges, especially when considering the security and privacy of information to be stored and processed within the cloud.

One of risks of cloudy technologies, that users, who are owners of the information, loses the control over the data when they provide data in a cloud for processing. And communications with it the risk of disclosing of data, so also a trust problem to them significantly increases. In fact nobody can guarantee today to the user, that its data will not be looked through and be analyzed by the company which renders cloudy services. Cloud services are a way to get access to the information resources of any level and any power using only Internet access and a Web browser. There are three models of cloud: SaaS (software as a service) and IaaS (infrastructure as a service), and DaaS (data-as-a-service) to use in business, education, medicine, science, leisure, etc.

For example, in Russia they are used extensively in education. For example, in our University (Southern Federal University) is a socio-educational portal of digital campus of SFU, and in some regions of Russia started a program to replace all high school textbooks on electronics. Now social networks are very active in their network are lured by millions of users. We can assume in the near future, you will no longer be able to refuse to provide such services. For example, Richard Stallman writes about cloud: ' this is nonsense. More precisely it's even worse stupidity is a marketing program based on deception '.

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